9 Best Platforms to find Magazine Writing Jobs Online in 2022

Magazine Columnist The work of magazine writers (also known as magazine columnists) is somehow similar to content writers as both of them write articles on a suitable niche. In magazine writing jobs, you have to write content on the most trending topics among the public. There are a large number of online places available that are offering jobs online. You can apply for these magazine writing jobs if you have; High-speed internet connection Good writing skills The proper place for work Furthermore, if you have completed your graduation or masters in Mass Communication or journalism, then it will help you a lot in becoming a magazine columnist. Top Platforms for Magazine Writer Jobs Some of the top magazine writer job platforms are given below. Apply as a writer for magazine job at any of the mentioned online places and work hard to make your name in this field by becoming a successful and popular magazine writer (columnist). Smithsonian Magazine It is one of the best pla

How to Earn Online from Instagram?

Earn Online from Instagram
Earn from Instagram

As we all know that Instagram is an online social media platform that gain a lot of popularity throughout the world in the last decade. A large number of people from different parts of the world use Instagram for sharing their pictures and videos with their friends and loved ones. But do you know, apart from it, millions of people all around the world are earning online from Instagram in several ways?

Yes, a lot of ways are available through which you can start online earning from Instagram. If you want to know about these ways then continue reading because next, I am going to cover some best ways of earning online from Instagram.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is the best online photo and video sharing platform which was used by Millions of people all around the world.

So, download this platform from the play store or Apple store as it is available on both Android and IPhone devices. And connect with the world by making new friends from different parts of the world.

Best Ways of Earning Online from Instagram

If you are here to learn about how to earn money from Instagram then read the below-mentioned detail and learn about some best ways of earning online from Instagram.

Sell others Product

Selling other products is one of the best ways to earn money online on this platform. You can easily find people around you who are looking for someone for selling their products online on a commission basis.

Find those people and make a deal with them that you will sell their product online and in return, they have to give you a commission.

This is the most simple way of earning money from Instagram. The only thing you need to do is to create an official page and post the pics and price tag of the product.

Become a Content Creator

Earning money online as a content creator is another appropriate way to make money online from Instagram. Create unique content and upload it on your Instagram account. Your earning from this content will start when your content goes viral and get a maximum number of views.

Promote Brands

You can also earn money online by promoting brands on Instagram. Clothes are the basic need of every human being. So choose this category if you want to start earning through this platform as soon as possible.

Go to newly open stores in your town and choose a suitable brand store. Make a deal with the Brand owner for promoting their brand online on Instagram by fixing the commission.

Sell your Products

Do you know you can also make money through Instagram by selling your products? This is also a most successful way of earning online from Instagram. Homemade crafts, jewelry, kid’s accessories, and clothes are some best high-demand products that you can sell on Instagram for online earning.

Choose any of these products and create an official page on Instagram. After creating a page give information related to your business and start posting pictures of products along with their price.

How much can I Earn from Instagram?

We are unable to tell the exact digits of earnings from this platform. It may depend on two basic factors:

  • Through which way you are earning money from this platform.h
  • How long have you been working online on this platform?

However, an average Instagram Influencer can earn up to $20,000 annually.

Is Instagram a Safe Platform for Earning Money Online?

Instagram is an online platform from which millions of people around the world are making money online in different ways. If you want to know whether this platform is safe for earning money online or not then my answer is yes.

As a large number of people all around the world are earning a good amount of money through this platform as Instagram influencers. So, don’t waste your time and become an Instagram Influencer by choosing any of the mentioned ways of earning money online.

Final words

Instagram is one of the best-known platforms which gained a lot of popularity in the last decade. Apart from sharing pictures or videos on this platform, a large number of people from different parts of the world have made this platform their source of income.

If you also want to be one of them and want to earn online through Instagram then choose any of the above-mentioned ways.


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