9 Best Platforms to find Magazine Writing Jobs Online in 2022

Magazine Columnist

The work of magazine writers (also known as magazine columnists) is somehow similar to content writers as both of them write articles on a suitable niche. In magazine writing jobs, you have to write content on the most trending topics among the public.

There are a large number of online places available that are offering jobs online. You can apply for these magazine writing jobs if you have;

  • High-speed internet connection
  • Good writing skills
  • The proper place for work

Furthermore, if you have completed your graduation or masters in Mass Communication or journalism, then it will help you a lot in becoming a magazine columnist.

Top Platforms for Magazine Writer Jobs

Some of the top magazine writer job platforms are given below. Apply as a writer for magazine job at any of the mentioned online places and work hard to make your name in this field by becoming a successful and popular magazine writer (columnist).

Smithsonian Magazine

It is one of the best places for publishing your articles as a magazine columnist. This magazine cover topics like travel, history, science, games, art, videos, and culture. If you love to write content on these topics then apply for a magazine writer job.

You will receive payment when your content is published in the magazine. But sometime it may take several weeks to months.

Harper's Magazine

Harper’s Magazine covers several topics including current issues related to culture, politics, environment, and society. This magazine published a lot of content of different publishers for the past 150 years. So, join the magazine as a columnist if you think you are capable of writing for a magazine jobs.

High Country News

High Country News Magazine is an award-winning magazine that covers topics like art, climate change, wildlife, culture, and much more. They always welcome new talent. So, visit their magazine writer job category for joining the magazine as a magazine columnist.


Apply for the magazine writer jobs category in Discover Magazine if you are passionate about writing on Science, Technology, and Planet Earth. Multiple articles on different topics are published in this magazine on daily basis.


A great number of publishers choose this magazine for publishing their content in several niches. From Entertainment to Style, Wellness, Life, beauty trends to relationship advice, this award-winning magazine cover all the basic topics which are on the trend among the public.


Cosmopolitan is the largest award-winning media brand magazine for young ladies. This magazine started its journey in 1886 and is still active. During this period, a great number of people earn a good amount of money by delivering content to this magazine relevant to their trending niches.

Fodor’s Travel

If you love to share your experience after discovering new destinations, then nominate yourself as a writer for magazine job in Fodor's Travel Magazine. Stories related to food, culture, luxury, lodging, and transport of vacation destinations are the top picks of this award-winning travel magazine.

Write a unique guide of any of the vacation destinations by mentioning all the basic aspects and then deliver it to the magazine editor. The editor will cross-check your story and then pay you the amount for your work.


Vox is an online magazine where you can publish articles related to Politics, Technology, Health, Environment, Culture, and Science. Go to their Author Login option if you are looking for magazine writer jobs.

AMC Outdoors Magazine

Niche related to outdoor life is the main topic of this magazine. Join the magazine by applying for the magazine writing jobs option and write interesting stories on any trending topic.

After writing the content deliver it to the editors of the magazine. They will pay you if your story is plagiarism free and is ready for publication. However, the payment amount depends on the number of words of your content.

How do I apply as a writer for magazine job?

If you think you have the capability of writing unique stories then apply as a writer for magazine job. For that, firstly find a magazine that is delivering an informational contact related to your niche (topic).

Then apply as a writer in the magazine writer jobs option along with your portfolio. You will surely get a positive response from the magazine's editor if they like your quality of work.

How to become a Columnist in Magazine?

How to become a columnist in magazine is the question that comes to mind after finding a suitable magazine for sharing your opinions on several niches.

For becoming a magazine columnist although you don’t need any degree or diploma. Other basic requirements for becoming a magazine columnist may include a desktop or a good internet connection. Furthermore, you also need a proper time and place for writing stories for the magazine column.

Moreover, if you want to become a permanent part of the magazine as a columnist then deliver unique and quality content related to the niche.


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