9 Best Platforms to find Magazine Writing Jobs Online in 2022

Magazine Columnist The work of magazine writers (also known as magazine columnists) is somehow similar to content writers as both of them write articles on a suitable niche. In magazine writing jobs, you have to write content on the most trending topics among the public. There are a large number of online places available that are offering jobs online. You can apply for these magazine writing jobs if you have; High-speed internet connection Good writing skills The proper place for work Furthermore, if you have completed your graduation or masters in Mass Communication or journalism, then it will help you a lot in becoming a magazine columnist. Top Platforms for Magazine Writer Jobs Some of the top magazine writer job platforms are given below. Apply as a writer for magazine job at any of the mentioned online places and work hard to make your name in this field by becoming a successful and popular magazine writer (columnist). Smithsonian Magazine It is one of the best pla

12 Best Free eBook Download Sites in 2022


Best free ebook sites

In the early ages, if someone want to study their favorite book he used to go straight to the library. But with the flow of time, where there has been progress in other sectors, eBook websites have also replaced these libraries.

Now, people from all around the world, prefer these free ebook download sites whenever they want to read their favorite books. The benefit of these ebook libraries is that you can read these free eBooks at any time or any place.

Here I am going, to sum up, some best digital ebook library free download sites which you can choose if you want to read your favorite book online.


Feedbooks are the best paid digital ebook library which contains a good collection of the latest ebook. So, join the platform and earn money by ebook writing.

eBooks available on this digital ebook, library platforms are either in English or French language. Moreover, registration is required if you want to buy a book from this eBook downloader online site.

Project Gutenberg

Over 60,000 free eBooks are available on this platform. The benefit of this ebook downloader online website is that it is free of cost. You can easily search your favorite ebook in the search bar either by the name of the author or title. Furthermore, you can also download your favorite ebook from these free ebook download sites to read it later.


You can find eBooks of different genres including Romance, Action, Thriller, Comedy, etc. It is a 100% free ebook library from where you can download free eBooks after signing up.

More than 50,000 latest and popular classic ebooks are available on the homepage of this website. Furthermore, you can also download the app of this website from the Google ebook store or the play store.


It is another best ebook downloader online website where you can easily find your favorite ebook category on the homepage. Moreover, you can also join this platform if you want to earn money by providing services.

For that, go to their Facebook page and post your ebook writing alongside with description, author name, title, and URL. You can also submit your manuscript to publish your book even faster.


This ebook library free download platform contains a vast collection of computer programming-related legal free ebooks. These ebooks include computer science, web development, IT, App development, and much more are provided either by authors or publishers.

Apart from it, you can also find science, Physics, Electronics, Math, and Business related ebooks on this platform.


O'Reilly is also the best free ebook download site. It is offering its services for almost 40 years. Apart from downloading free ebooks, you can also choose this platform as an author and a publisher and earn money by publishing your ebook on this platform.

Planet Ebook

Planet Ebook is another best ebook library free download website. It is available on devices including IPhone, iPad, Mac Windows, and Android. Furthermore, this free ebook download site has a user-friendly interface. A large number of free ebooks are available on the homepage of these ebook download sites.


Book yards offer you to download ebook in pdf format on your device. A vast collection of 20,000+ latest ebooks is available on this platform. Moreover, you can search for your favorite ebook either by the name of the author from this online ebook library free download website.


It is the best online ebook library for both publishers and authors. A good collection of the latest and most popular ebooks are available on their homepage. You can download your favorite ebooks from this ebook downloader online website in the format.

Standard eBook

It is the public domain ebook library free download website that offers you to download your favorite ebook in different formats including pdf files or epub format.

Open Library

Open Library is another best ebook download site that contains a vast collection of ebooks of different genres including romance, action, and thriller. But for downloading your favorite ebook from this ebook online library, you need to register yourself on this platform.


It is another best option for ebook lovers. Become a member of this free ebook downloader online website and download your favorite ebook in pdf format. Moreover, you only download five ebooks per month in the free version of this ebook download site.

Is it legal to download an ebook for free?

Although there are a lot of ebook free download websites available from where you can download your favorite ebook in different formats on your devices. Yes, it’s 100% legal to download an ebook from an ebook download site. But before doing that make sure the website you have chosen to download the ebook is legal.

Final Words

ebooks are the digital version of books. Online ebook sites are the platforms from where you can read the books of your favorite author or publisher either online or in the form of pdf.

Above, I have tried to cover some best ebook download sites. You can download your favorite ebook to read it later through these ebook downloaders’ online websites.


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