9 Best Platforms to find Magazine Writing Jobs Online in 2022

Magazine Columnist The work of magazine writers (also known as magazine columnists) is somehow similar to content writers as both of them write articles on a suitable niche. In magazine writing jobs, you have to write content on the most trending topics among the public. There are a large number of online places available that are offering jobs online. You can apply for these magazine writing jobs if you have; High-speed internet connection Good writing skills The proper place for work Furthermore, if you have completed your graduation or masters in Mass Communication or journalism, then it will help you a lot in becoming a magazine columnist. Top Platforms for Magazine Writer Jobs Some of the top magazine writer job platforms are given below. Apply as a writer for magazine job at any of the mentioned online places and work hard to make your name in this field by becoming a successful and popular magazine writer (columnist). Smithsonian Magazine It is one of the best pla

7 Top – Rated Ad Networks for online earning

Ad networks are the platforms through which the publishers earn money online from their online content. You only need to add a code to your website which is helpful to grow your business and you will get money when the visitors click on the code.

Here are some best top-rated Ad Networks which offer you to earn money online by optimizing an ad display on your blog and website.


Infolink is the 3rd largest marketplace for publishers. It is the platform that offers digital publishers to earn more money through their websites. Login to Infolink and add code to your website or blog.

Infolink will analyze your content and deliver the ad which is related to your content. Furthermore, their ads will achieve high engagement and you will earn more money through them. So, it is the best platform for you if you want to earn money online by monetizing your online content.


It is a platform that offers you to earn money online by monetizing your online content, website, and blog. You can also build and grow your digital market business through this platform.

AmazonPublisherService is best for large publishers, Programmatic Buyers, Mobile App Developers, Audio Publishers, Mid – Size Publishers, and Advance TV Publishers. Monetize your traffic by joining AmazonPublisherService and earn money online through this top-rated ad network.


ADSE TERRA is best for both publishers and Advertisers. This platform is offering its services in different parts of the world. The best point about ADSE TERRA is that both new and pro publishers and advertisers are earning money through it by monetizing their online content, blog, and website.

If you want to earn money online through ad networks then allow ADSE TERRA to monetize your traffic. The best part about this platform is that if you choose ADSE TERRA for monetizing your online content then you will receive payment on the exact date twice a month.


If you want to earn money online from ad networks by optimizing your online content then this platform is best for you. MEDIAVINE is offering its services to both small and large enterprises. They will optimize an ad display on your online content which helps to monetize your business and you will get paid when someone approaches your online content.

So, without any delay, log in to MEDIAVINE, optimize an ad on your online content, and earn money through it.


Adblade is the platform through which you can earn money online by monetizing your online content, blog, and website by inserting an ad on your blog related to your content. It is the most innovative content style platform which was published in 2008.

Adblade is offering its services in different parts of the world and has over 300 million users. If you want to earn money online then monetize your blog, or online content by signing in to the Adblade website. They will analyze your online digital media content and deliver an ad that is related to your blog.

Media Fem

If you want some platform that provides you with the best quality ads in different varieties for your online media digital business then choose this ad network to earn money online.

Over 120+ Million people are using this platform for monetizing their content as this platform is providing its services in more than 90 countries.

Media Fem is best for both advertisers and publishers and you will receive your payment every 53rd day.


BidVertiser is a popular advertising network that is suitable for both Publishers and advertisers. They can serve advertisers to your blog, website, and online digital media content and through which you can earn money online when people visit your online content and click on the code. The more people click on the code, the more you make money online.

BidVertiser is offering its services in almost 196 countries of the world. Join this popular advertising network, they will monetize your traffic by appending an ad on your blog, website, online content, and online digital media which is helpful for you to earn money online.

Final Words

Here are some best ad networks by which you can earn money online. All of them are suitable for both publishers and Advertisers. Join any of them and let them analyze your online content for adding the relevant ad related to your blog if you want to earn money through ad networks.


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