100 Ways to Make Money Online

100 Ways to Make Money Online: Easy Without Investment From Home

You know you can make money online from your home comfort just with a laptop, internet & some basic skills.

I started making online back in 2013 and as I have this much experience I had to share all of the details with the world so all of you can benefit from it too and earn money online from your home without investment.

100 Plus Ways to Make Money Online

100 Ways to Make Money Online

I Am 100% Certain that you can make money online and find ways to earn money online from your home and earn 100$ to 2000$ monthly that way. No matter where you live in the world.

So let me share the 100 ways with you now that you can use to make money online.

Make Money Online with Legit Sites

This is the first way I will recommend to anyone to make money online it is a proper job. 
You will be working for these companies as a chat support agent to make money online.

Here is the list of websites I have personally used to make money online working as a chat support agent.

  1. Live World: Live World is a well-known company for providing customer services over chat and they are always hiring new staff.
  1. Incsub: If you are in the United States and looking for something to do from home then this is your best way to go.
  1. Site Staff Chat: Site Staff Chat as the name describes it, it is a chat service providing company always open to hiring new chatters.
  1. Arise: Arise is also a very good company to work with, it provides a handsome pay rate and gives you a comfortable environment to work with.
  1. Outplex: Outplex is also open to hire people looking for jobs that they can do from home.
  1. Accolade Support: It is a good company to start your work from the home carrier with pays very well and it can help you to build your profile.
  1. Asurion: If you don't wanna work as chat support for a long time and still wanna give it a try this is your way to go.
  1. Uber: As we all use uber now and then, it has a huge number of customers to provide them a secure and perfect ride they hire people to work from home you can join this company to make 15$ per hour.
  1. Apple: Apple hires tech support agents to regulate their devices and provide tech support to their customers. If you work for apple they will send you a device to work on.
  1. Amazon: Amazon is a customer service-centric company it focuses on providing world-class customer services and that is why they are always hiring.

If you wanna know more about Customer Services and Chat support then please click here.

2. Make Money with Blogger and Adsense

You can make money by blogging if you are good at writing and can write long articles without giving up then this is your thing to do, you can make a very good amount just by writing articles about the things you like and love to do. Within a month or two, your blog will be able to make 100$ a month.

If you want to know more about blogging and how to start blogging in 2022 click here.

3. Make Money by Freelancing

you can earn a huge amount of money if you have a skill in your hand. You can make a six-figure amount monthly just by outsourcing your skills to the right people. 

Here is a list of some famous freelancing platforms you can use to make money online.

  • Fiverr: When you start freelancing Fiverr is the first freelancing market that comes to mind you can sell your skills and make a good amount.
  • Upwork: If you don't like working project-based and need something more subtle then Upwork is your place to go. Upwork provides hourly-based pay rates and you can earn 25$ per hour to 100$ per hour depending on your skills.
  • Guru: Guru is also a very good place if you are new to freelancing and don't have that much experience working with freelancing markets.
  • People Per Hour: As the name explains it, People Per Hour is a place to find hourly-based jobs according to your skillset.

Here you will find a list of the best skills to learn for freelancing,
Set Up your freelancing account
How to make Gigs on freelancing websites.

3. Make Money With Youtube Vlogging

You can earn money on youtube by making videos. You can teach the skill of making funny or entertaining content. There is a vast opportunity you can show your daily routine. Make videos of cooking. Make videos of your outings and much more there is a huge opportunity waiting for you if you can face the camera and speak on it confidently.

4. Make Money With Facebook Videos

If you want to make money but you don't want like the youtube studio or don't know how to make that professional videos then Facebook is your place to break a leg. You can make a Facebook page gain some followers and start streaming your games online. You can also stream yourself live and make money with it.

5. Google AdSense & other ad networks

If you already have a website of a place where you are receiving a huge amount of traffic, and visitors then you can get it monetized by google or any other ad network. You can make money by just placing ads on your website or app and you will get paid.

If you want to learn how to make money with ad networks then please continue reading here.

6. Network Affiliate Marketing

You can make an affiliate blog or website and do marketing for specific products and get your commission from those affiliate networks. Marketing for ecomerce websites can make you hundreds and thousands of dollars.

For more details on affiliate marketing click here.

7. Individual Affiliate Marketing HostGator Bluehost etc

You can do marketing for some individual service providers like HostGator or blue host. You can sell hosting services and get a straight profit from them without any investment.

8. Amazon or eBay Seller

If you have a bit of cash lying around then this is the best place to start you can launch an Amazon store and sell your products at a very good price. If you have some old laptops or other products then you can sell them on eBay and make a handsome amount.

How to Launch an Amazon Store
How to List Your Products on eBay
How to select a Product for your Amazon Store 

9. Freelance Writing Work on Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, etc

If you are good at writing and you have a complete grip on article writing then you can start working on Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, you can start making 5 to 10 dollars on a daily basis if you have this skill on hand. There is a huge demand for good content writers nowadays.

Read how to start freelancing and make your GIG

10. Writing Product Reviews

If you shop online and want to get some of the amounts back while doing the same then here is the thing for you.

You can simply contact that product provider and ask them for an amount for a positive review.

Or you can simply write reviews and make a blog about it and earn money with it.

11. Online Consultancy

If you are good at solving critical problems and giving good advice then you can become an online consultant.
Giving viable solutions is how Consultants make money. You can book online sessions and charge hourly for the time and ideas you provide

12. SEO Services to Websites & Business

SEO "Search engine Optimization" provides good keyword research. Help businesses to get grow organically. Increasing their sales and visitors. This service is every business owner's primary demand. If you can provide this service then anyone will willingly pay you your demanding amount.

If you wanna learn more about SEO continue reading here. 

13. Make Money with Search Engine Marketing

If you are good at making eye-catching advertisements then this is your place to play. Make exclusive adverts for the business you want to promote and earn money with it. You can also outsource this service to any individual business and get paid by project or hourly.

14. Newsletter Marketing 

Writing professional emails for a long time use your skills to write newsletters for marketing and help businesses grow. You can outsource your services to the freelance market or help your local businesses with them. Find your nearby local business and send them your samples, send a proposal with your demanding payment.

15. Test and review products

Are you one of those people who are curious to buy everything latest that crashes on the market then you can be a product tester. Help businesses improve their product quality. Be a product tester for their company and earn money hourly. You can also write reviews on those products and launch your own blog on it to earn passive income with Adsen or you can affiliate with that product and earn your commission.

16. Earn Money With Email Marketing

Write attractive emails for your local business or outsource your service to any international national business. Write emails, and help them sell their products. You can work on a commission-based or on a base salary. You can make easily 15$ an hour to 5$ for a single bulk email.

17. Complete paid online surveys

There are multiple apps on the play store providing you surveys and you get paid when you fully complete these surveys. Payment varies from survey to survery. You can earn somewhere around 15 to 20 dollars on a daily basis with this method. You can get a list of survey apps here.

Best Survey Apps for 2022

18. Email list or Database Selling

You have huge excel files with emails in them, that is called email list or database. You will not believe it when I tell you that you can sell these databases for a very good amount. You can list these databases on several sites, with a good buyer you can make somewhere around 100$ for just a single list.

19. Buy and sell cryptocurrency

Crypto is one of the best and easiest ways to make money nowadays if you have 100$ laying around. You can make 1000$ a month with it if you start working on cryptocurrencies now. Invest money trade one hundred different currencies make money and live the life you deserve.

You can learn more about Crypto buying and selling here 

how to start cryptocurrency trading

20. Online HR Recruiting

Are you good with people and have a huge professional circle? then help businesses and provide them your valuable resource and skills. Every company needs a good human resource manager for their company. You can work remotely for multiple companies and earn a very good amount on monthly basis.

21. Earn Money From Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a very powerful tool for every business owner if you have an audience you can outsource that audience for marketing purposes. There are multiple people willing to pay for that extra juice you got. You can rent your Facebook group, and you can put paid stories on your social media page. People also pay for shoutouts if you have a huge following on Instagram.

Learn about the top 10 ways to make money with 
social media marketing 

22. Social Media Manager

Showcase your management skills, and help huge social media accounts there are people willing to pay for your skills. You just need to manage their social media accounts. Post on daily basis to keep their audience retained, answer inbox messages, and reply to comments. 

23. Website Sale Purchase

If you are tech-savvy and you know how to analyze a website and see if it is any good then you can buy websites and sell them for a good price. You will need to manage and update that website and sell it for even a good price than you bought it for. A good website can make you over 2000$ to 5000$.

how to flip websites for money

24. Make Money by being a Website Designer

Do not worry if you can't code you can still design a pretty good website. If you have a good design in your mind there are tools that can help you design a user-friendly website. You can make websites for people or outsource your skills on freelancing portals. You can sell a good design for anywhere around 100$ to 500$.

25. Make Money Blogging Affiliate Marketing

You can start an affiliate blog and earn money with it. By getting your blog monetized with affiliate marketing you can make over 500$ monthly on autopilot. It means you will just need to work on the website one time, after working you will be making that money automatically. Yes, you will need to make some minor tweaks now and then but that won't be an issue.

26. Online Pr Firm

People managment, Making good reputation for companies and handling huge company profiles. If you can do all of the above tasks then you can start your own online Public Reputation Firm and charge others for handling there publice profiles.

27. Online Domain Flipping

If you are that person who comes up with great names for their friends business, gaming group, facebook pages, then you should start domain flipping. Buy good domain names and sell it to the right people. It can make you a fortune if you can think of some great names.

If you wanna learn more about domain flipping then.

How To Start Domain Selling Business

28. Website Plugins 

If you are a programmer and looking a way to make some pocket money then you should start making website plugins. A website plugin is basically a tool that help you to achive a certain task on that website without hustling with the codes. You can make plugins for wordpress, Wix or anyother famous website devolper and then sell it to demanding people.

29. Coding Services

You can earn a very good amount with coding services. Check code errors, do quality assurance for codes and much more. If you are a coder then you can outsource your services online. It is not mendatory that you make some softwares, you can make assignments for university students and charge them for your service.

30. Buy and sell limited-edition streetwear

Good sense of fashion and a craze for collecting branded clothing, footwear. Start buying limited-edition streetwears and then sell them on your prefered price. Single pair of Nike can make you somewhere arround 5000$. Keep and eye for cheap auctions and listing and then sell them for your price.

31. Database Designer

If you like playing arround in excel, and good at making charts, sheets and worksheets then this is your cup of water. A database designer makes and designs the detailed database for any firm or company. Making detailed charts indexs and progress reports is what a database designer have to on daily basis.

32. Data Entry Operator

Puting new enteries in the system for new stock tracking sales. Keeping a track of a business inventory is what data entry operators do. If you just want to do a basic job that dose not requires much effort then data entry is the best thing and you should go for it.

33. Mobile App Developer

You are a android user and you always keep thinking about apps that are not available yet on play store then you should start app development. You can develop apps without coding. There are multiple options available to make new apps without a single string of code. 

34. Mobile App Designer

Always have ideas on mind ? That should be this way or why this app is difficult to use. If you have a critical mind like this and you keep thinking to improve app experience, then you should go for app user interface designing. Do not worry there is no need for coding you can simply trace and idea on a sketch book and help app devolpers to improve the app graphical interface.

35. Online Beta Tester

Downloading new apps testing them if they are doing the tasks they are suppose to do making a basic report on it. These are some basic tasks a beta tester do. You can make handsome amount just by installing differnt apps and test their user interface.

36. Earn Money by Transcribing Audio

Transcription is a well paying carrier if you are not familier with it trsancription means converting an audio file to text or a video file to text. If you just start working as a transcription agent you will earn 10$ to 15$ an hour. There are multiple transcription services which hires people on daily basis. Some of the famous are mentioned below.

37. Earn Money with Tech Support

If you have previous experience as a customer support agent have a basic idea of technology and troubleshooting then you should start working as a tech support officer there are multiple online jobs available in this field you can make 25$ to 50$ per hour depending on your experience. Amazon, Apple, Uber these are some most famous companies that hires tech support agents on daily basis.

38. Web Assistant

A web assistant works just like a personal assistant, keeps logs of the meetings scheduals booking and answer your emails on your behalf. If you have experties or idea for doing these tasks then you can become a online assistant and provide your services hourly. It mostly requires basic idea of office work and time managment skills.

39. Amazon Virtual Assistant

From finding a good product to launching a fully operational store. These tasks are done by a Amazon Virual Assistant. Amazon stores are very famous for making thousands of dollars on daily basis, but for managing those stores and upgrading them people need experienced virtual assistants.

Learn more about : how to become a Amazon VA 

40. Online Focus Group

An online focus group is a method to colllect data that helps the researcher to host a discussion between a number of respondents through an online platform. You can join online paid focus groups and earn money with it. A list of some paid focus groups is mentioned below.

  • Respondent.io
  • User Interviews
  • FocusGroup.com
  • Google Usability
  • Recruit and Fiel
  • Ipsos i-say
  • Experience Dynamics

41. Earning With Cashback Sites

You can get affiliated with any cashback site to earn money online. When a online purchase is made from your affiliated link you get your comission out of it and the customer get its cashback.

42. Online Tutoring 

If you are a good teacher but you dont have a place to give tutions then online tutoring is very good way to make money. You can teach your faviourt subjects online and make a very handsome amount on hourly basis.

You can get 7 online tutoring websites here

43. Get Paid to Click

CPC or cost per click is a method for earning online. You are provided with online ads and you are just required to click on those ads wait for a certain amount of time and you get paid. If you are from US, UK then the pay rates are very good you can make 10 to 15 dollars just by clicking ads.

44. Podcasting

If you are a good speaker and you can create audio content then you should start podcasting you make thousands of dollars with podcasting. If you are new to podcasting and wanna learn then please read this.

How to Start a Podcast

45. eBooks

Chose latest hot topics and write eBooks on them. You can start writing your books on any topic and sell them online from 5$ to 100$ it totally depends on you what you wanna write about and where you wanna sell it.

Learn more about Ebooks here.

46. Columnist for a Newspaper

After blogging and writing eBooks you can also write for your local newspaper about current affairs and the latest ongoing situations from the comfort of your home. Writing articles for newspapers is a well-known profession and also pays a very handsome amount. You can send your samples to any local newspaper with a cover letter to get yourself a job as a writer. You can also simply send your article to be published in newspapers.

47. Create and sell stock photos

If you like capturing random pictures of places and objects then you can become a stock photographer. Capture pictures of different items and places, and list your pictures online for sale people requiring your image will pay you your preferred amount for that picture. It is not mandatory to buy a camera to capture stock photos you can capture pictures with your phone too.

48. Start an eCommerce store

You can start an online eCommerce store from your home without keeping any inventory at your home or in your garage. You can sell products online buy products for a cheap price or get them manufactured locally. If you have a product in your mind that is well needed then you can simply launch your own product. You can also get funding for your store, and product if it is something that is needed in the market.

49. Stock Trading online

Buy and sell stocks of famous companies and make money with them. Stock trading is something that can make you rich. It will require some investment and skills to start trading.

Learn stock trading here.

50. Forex Trading

Forex Trading or currency trading is a risk but again a very interesting online platform. It has huge risks but also a huge profit margin. You can make millions of dollars with just a single trade on forex.

Learn Forex Trading Here.

51. Dropshipping 

If you don't have a product and you don't want to sell on Amazon eBay etc, then you can start dropshipping simply launch an online store and get your products sourced cheaply and sell them on your online store. A little bit of marketing and a strategy to sell online will make you a fortune.

How to start dropshipping

52. Get paid to test websites and apps 

Quality assurance is important for any business and if you have multiple android and IOS devices lying around at your home then you can put them to some use by working as a website and app tester. You will require to check websites for user interface and glitches. You will need to download apps on multiple devices and check their proformance.

53. Sharing Content

Be a viral content creator and make tons of money with it. Your content will be reshared by people, free marketing. You won't need to spend a single penny to do it. If you can pull this off every time, like some famous content creators Mr. Beast then there is no limit 

54. Earn With Contextual Advertising Info link

You have a blog and it has a huge volume of traffic but you can not get it monetized by any advertisement service then you can start contextual advertising, and info links. You will get paid for sharing ads.

55. Make Money By Entering Competitions

There are thousands of competitions going on, at this right moment. You can participate in any of those competitions and win prizes for yourself. Prizes range from 100$ to 1000$ and more. You can get yourself registered without paying a single penny.

56. Earn Money With Visual Arts & Designing 

You are good at designing but you don't want a 9 to 5 boring job. You can sell your designs online and make a very good amount. It is not mandatory that you make a specific item or design you can upload your random art piece to these sites and place a price on it.

These are some of the sites you can sell your stock designs on.

57. Make Money From Home Online Journalism

You can start working for online TV News Networks provide them with the latest information and news and get paid for the content you are giving them. There are multiple online News channels available that will pay a good price for your content.

58. Paid Phone Task Apps

Multiple online apps claim to pay you money with task completion. These tasks mainly require you to download an app and use it for a certain amount of time. If you stay vigilant you can get some very good deals from these apps and make 5 to 10 dollars daily.

59. Earn Money With Crypto Mining 

Theoretically very complex and difficult task but when you start doing it is not more difficult than assembling blocks. You can start mining crypto currencies with pieces of equipment you already have and then upgrade accordingly to the demand and earnings you make out of it.
Learn how to start crypto mining today

60. Get paid to search the web

If you spent too much time searching the web online. Search engine to search engine crawling different pages to find answers to your questions or files that you need. You will not believe it when I tell you that you can make money by doing the same. There are multiple online extensions available that pay you money for searching stuff on search engines like Google Bing Yahoo DuckDuckGo. One of the famous and tested ones is Qmee. You can simply download this extension add it to your browser and start making money.

61. Private Advertisement Services

If you have a Website, Page, or Channel, that is reciving thousands of visitors on daily basis then you start advertisement services. You can give space on your website for ads and charge for the way you like it. You can make a video about their products and post it on your channel or in between your videos. You can make a banner and post it on your Facebook page and so on there is no limit.

62. Hosting Service Provider

If you have a stable internet and a old pc lying arround then you can use it launch your own hosting service. You can provide your hosting to launch basic websites and make money from it. You can also use your hosting for your own website and earn money by monitizing your website.

63. Making Money With Membership Sites

You can simply create a fourm website just like quora and yaho ask. Anser criticle questions and sell your website membership. You can keep the membership charges low and increase it eventually. You can start with a basic team and convert this setup to a full grown business. Website is the only requirment for this online earning method.

64. Revenue Sharing Websites

There are multiple online websites that pays you for your problem solving or writing skills. You can get yourself registered on these websties and share your content online with the world.

This is the list of the websites you can uses to get started.

  • Info Barrel
  • Hub Pages
  • Xomba
  • Snipsly
  • Contena

65. Earn Money by Writing For Other websites

There are multiple online websites that will pay you a very good pay per word. If you don't want to get into the hastle of making your own blog managing the seo and devolpment of the site then you can work as a writer to a established website.

Below is the list of some online websites where you can work as a content writer.

  • Contena.
  • Upwork.
  • FlexJobs.
  • Freelance Writing Jobs.
  • Textbroker.
  • Contently.
  • MediaBistro.
  • ProBlogger.

              66. Get Paid For Action (CPA)

              CPA or cost per action means that you will get paid for performing a certain task. It can include downloading a file, installing a application, surfing a website for a certain amount of time and filling a online performa. There are multiple online websites that will provide you with these kind of basic tasks and pay you for it. The payout in these tasks are not very good but it is something you can do in your spear time.

              67. Make Money Selling Leads

              Lead generation is a very huge part of B2C "busienss to customer" module. You can make a very handsome amount by selling potential leads to relevent business. If you want to learn the whole process of this business then continue reading.

              how to start a lead generation business from scratch

              68. Earn By Magzine Brochure Designing

              If you have basic skills in adobe photoshop and know about designing then you can start making magazine brochures front and brochures for your local businesses and make money with it. It's totally fine if you don't have skills for designing on photoshop you can use online templates from Canva Envato and other templates providers.

              69. Earn Money by Designing T-shirts Online

              You can design T-shirts and sell your designs online of get them printed and list them on any online store. T-shirt designing is just like designing any other thing it will not require hight experties in graphics designing if you have a design on your mind you can sktech that design get it digitally ready by any graphics designer and then sell it online.

              70. Make Money From Drawing and Painting

              If you are good at drawing and making great paintings then you can make money with your passion. You can sell your artwork online on different websites. You can also promote your art on Instagram Facebook and other social media to increase your sales.

              71. Earn Mony Online With Logo Designing 

              If you are doing graphics designing for a long time now and you can make some cool icons and logos for companies then you should start making logos and selling them online. You can sell a basic logo for a minimum of 5$ and there is no cost for making it. You can start making logos and create your portfolio and then start selling them online. You can make a Facebook page or Instagram page to sell your logos.

              72. Easy Money with QR Making

              Do you see those beautiful QR codes at your coffee shops and cafe for paying your bill and getting connected to Wifi. You can make these with one single click. You can make and modify QR codes and then sell them online or locally to your nearby cafe and restaurants. You can also make QR codes for websites to create payment methods or for marketing your own gigs. There are multiple online websites available that can help you make stylish QR within a second.

              73. Online Personal Trainer

              If you are good at the GYM and you know how to manage diet plans and gain or shape the body then you can become an online personal trainer and train people online. You will need to give online physical advice training programs and diet routines. You will also need to do some basic counseling to manage and motivate your trainies. You can provide daily sessions or make weekly monthly programs for your trainees. You can charge from 10$ a session to 100$ for a single session according to your demand.

              74. Online Personal Yoga Trainer

              If you want to teach yoga but you can not afford a place to get your clients in or you can not manage time to provide them trainings then you can simply start providing your services online. You can get people online provide them classes on your prefered scheduals. You can make them subscribe your weekly or monthly programs. You can also sell your courses online with out always beeing active.

              How to become a yoga trainer.

              75. Language Tutor

              You can speak more then one language that's great, you can teach your local language to anyone and earn money with it. There are thousands of people traveling to different countires for jobs and entertainment. You can teach your language to those people for their survival and make money with it. If you can speak Korean Japanies Chinese English then you are in luck. You can get yourself registered and start selling your language courses or you can get your clients to take your sessions. You can charge anywhere arround 10$ to 30$ for a single session.

              76. Sell Your Notes: Academic Writing

              If you are the nerd in the class who provides everyone with their assignments trust me you can get paid very well for doing the samething. Their are multiple university students online available looking for to get their notes writen or get their asignments done. You can start writing notes and assignments for university students from your home and charge your price for it. Acadamic writing is a very well paying job in 2022. You can also make patrens and design cvs and write cover letters for people looking for jobs. You can target employees and businesses too it is not just the students who needs their assignments writen.

              77. Edit pictures 

              If you can edit pictures for your instagram and facebook and people like it then, you can start doing this for others too. People always try to look good on there social media and they are willing to pay a good amount to do so.

              Photographers Tiktokers Instagram models, all of these people look for a good editor and do not worry you dont need a very good computer or a high end pc for it, you can get it done with your mobile phone. You can outsource your services on freelancing portals and charge 5$ for a single picture.

              78. Edit Videos

              You can edit videos on your mobile phone and earn money with it. You dont have to have a high specs phone to edit videos. You can edit videos on a normal specs. Prove online editing services to tiktokers, youtubers, and facebook content makers.

              You can sell your editing services on your facebook page or website. You can also outsource your services on freelancing portals like fiverr upwork & guru. 

              79. Get paid to watch videos

              Online websites pays you money to watch videos, mostly there are youtube videos. If you can get a group of four hundred to five hundred people to watch youtube videos then you can start video watch service by your own self. You can charge people for watching youtube videos.

              You can also get yourself registered with different online websites and watch their provided online videos and make money with it. There are multiple online websites available that can pay you a good amount for just watching videos.

              80. Sell online courses

              If you multiple skills and you are confident enough to teach other those skills then you can start making courses out of those skills. 
              Record yourself while teaching these skills it can be anything. Graphics Designing Blog writing Video Editing these are some of the demanding skills nowadays. You can make videos on these skills upload them online on different course selling website place a price a voila you are good to go. 

              81. Sell Photos online

              You can sell good quality pictures online and earn money with it. Capture images with your camera or phone and post them on stock images place a price and do a bit of marketing. You can earn 5 to 10 dollars on daily basis with this method. You can capture pictures of daily use items walls toys and much more. 

              82. Make Money by NFTs : Non Fungible Tokens

              NFT non fungible tokens are online things, assets that you can buy. It can be anything a picture video music website. You can buy NFTs online and then sell them for a good price. You can also start making your own NFTs and sell them online on online portals. If you want to learn more about NFTs and how to make money with it then continue reading.
              How to make NFTs and earn money with it.

              83. Art and Painting 

              If you are a collector of art or you like making art pieces then you can change your hobby to a full time business. You can participate in online auctions and sell your art pices or you can get something out of your collection and sell if for the price you want it to and make a profit out of it. You can also buy painting from local markets and auction them on international online auctions as they pay more then local auctions. Online international auctinios has lots of bidders in them and the heigher the bid is the heigher the profit you make.

              84. Sell music 

              If you can produce good music or you can sing well then you are in luck too. Music producers oftenly needs new music ideas and they buy music from freelancers and individual music producers. You can start making music and sell it online on different platform or upload it on youtube earn money with youtube montization or you can start selling your music on online freelancing platforms like fiverr upwork and so on. You can be a vocal artist and provide vocals to a song or you can produce music for a song and make a huge amount of income with it.

              85. Paid Sponserd Tweeting 

              Spondered tweeting, you can make a tweet on someone behalf and charge a price for it. As twiter is gaining fam, tweeting is a huge trend. Celeberties hire people to manage their tweter accounts and pay a handsome amount to their managers. You will only need to post tweets and give ideas for there daily tweets and also make sure they gain postive fam from the tweets you make. Keeping an eye on the trends posting according to the trends and making trend following tweets is the job for a twiter account manager.

              86. Earn money by playing games

              You like playing games and alot of games. You will not belive me when i tell you this, you can earn money by playing your faviourte game. You can earn money by gaming. There are multiple ways to make money by playing game the first and most famous one is by streaming your games online. You can stream your gameplay online on twitch facebook youtube and make money with it. 
              You also play games that gives you money for just playing them, there are several games that you can play and earn real money with it. Or you can start playing crypto games. Yes crypto games is a real thing, You can simply play crypto games buy players and sell them online.

              87. Crowd Funding

              You have a great business idea in your mind and you know how to proceed it and earn money with it but you don't have funds to start your business then you can start crowd funding. You can collect funds from people whom are intrested to invest in your business idea for a chunk of your company. They will ask for a small amount of equity to get your business running. Multiple online websites are available for collecting funds for your business and start your business. Kick start your business right now with crowd funding.

              88. Selling Feet Pictures

              Since the popularity of the many new genres in the fashion industry. You can sell your feet pictures on multiple online websites like Only Fans Only Feets.
              Buying feet pictures developed into one of the strangest, yet most popular fetishes today. If you have attractive feet you can upload images and sell them online and make money out of it.

              89. Webcam Model

              E-Girl models are apparently the new ‘in thing’ amongst the younger generation of men and
              young, mostly single boys, who don’t have partners but are more than ready, and willing to
              pay thousands of dollars every day to their favorite girl Twitch streamers, just to see them
              play and stream games, as well as talk or acknowledge their fans’ existence.

              90. Sell Your own product 

              Initialising to launch your products in the sales market
              can be intricate but not impossible. After selecting your
              suitable niche product, it’s time to get ahold of critique
              who’d give honest ratings on your merchandise.
              Following up, you’ll have to track down the audience
              who’re willing to buy your stock. Using internet will
              prove to be a substantial boost in transactions.

              91. Real estate advisor

              A zone having permanent refinements is a real estate. Real estate advisor will help you point an ideal property to invest in. Let it be residential, commercial or industrial real estate, advisors will accentuate about pricing accurately with the aid of ‘comparable’. Furthermore, details about a raise in worth, taxes and location about the property will also be provided.

              92. Review Writer

              A review writer exploits a broader aspect in redefining

              the already published analysis on a topic. The writer

              gracefully uses engaging vocabulary to firstly wrap-up

              the introduction of the topic. Furthermore, they use

              various portals for researches, future advices, &

              material for main content. Eventually, they carry out a

              careful scrutinisation of the upshot by spell and

              grammar check.

              93. Rent Equipment

              Rental equipment; also known as ‘Plant hire’ which is a
              public utility company allocating assets and gadgets to
              companies for a limited period of time, defined as
              equipment lease.
              Firms, especially construction companies, are
              extensively benefited from this service as they don’t
              require to spend bulk amount of money into buying
              tools and can effortlessly access them by renting.

              94. Proofreading

              Remember your teacher telling you to re-check your exam paper thrice for errors? Well now we have professionals to do that! Proofreaders are deemed to precisely examine the finished draft for flaws. Mistakes like omitting words, missing punctuation marks, inaccurate use of grammar, fractured format, spelling errors & repeated words etc. are all expected to be corrected by a proofreader.

              95. Relationship Advisor 

              Nowadays, many couples are devastated by pessimism channelizing and weakening their bonds. They need someone to de-tangle them from things promoting repulsion between them. Relationship advisors proves to be Gurus in unshackling couples from the society’s
              stereotypical ideas.
              They build a comfortable environment for couples to gauge each other, try to understand each other better, and resolve the buried grudges.

              96. Travel Advisor

              Getting reading for a family trip or for a business trip can be nerve wrecking. Ask why? It’s obvious, devising up a plan for your trip considering minor details, is tiresome.
              In a nutshell, a travel advisor not merely helps you ‘plan’ your trip, but also contemplates on your budget, book the best-fit hotels, and narrow down your requirements excellently.

              97. Build A Chrome extension

              Software programs which alter and re-shape the
              browsing experience are extensions, making it user-
              Foremost chrome extensions are:

              •  HTTPS Everywhere
              •  Adblock plus
              •  Privacy badger
              •  Tab wrangler
              To build your chrome extension, first make a
              manifest. Next add the changes you need to make.
              Then, add the UI and lay down the logic. Eventually,
              give user choices and publish, VoilĂ !

              98. Business Feasibility Report writing

              99. Instagram Influencer

              Let it be Make-up products or gaming gadgets, Instagram influencers have a knack of promoting and nominating different topics which attracts their spectators.
              Varying from travelling, fashion and fitness, to gaming, brand promotion and photography etc., Instagram influencers represent the mentioned themes adequately.
              These influencers like Christiano Ronaldo, are also paid for their posts whilst considering the number of their followers.

              100. Tiktok Influencer

              It wasn’t long before the infamous app TIKTOK gained
              popularity among the youth and the seniors!
              TikTok users posts several types of content for
              instance; Humorous videos, parodies, sharing their life
              experiences, transition videos, and even quick food
              But alongside this, influencers on TikTok stand out to
              be great brand ambassadors. Different companies
              sends PR packages for highlighting their products.

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